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Board Games challenge - results

On January 30 I've started to record how many times I've played my games. The goal has been to play as much as possible. Here are the results:

7 Wonders 1
A Touch of Evil 11
Among the Stars 2
Android Netrunner 1
Archipelago 4
Carcassonne 3
Chaos in the Old World 1
Clash of Cultures
Claustrophobia 1
Dungeon Command
Dungeon Lords
Dungeon Petz 1
Euphoria - build a better dystopia
Game of Thrones 1
Kemet 1
Kings of Air and Steam 2
Keyflower 3
Legacy 4
Legends of Andor 2
Mage Knight
Mage Wars 4
Mascarade 1
Merchants and Maruders
Ora et Labora
Pathfinder Adventure Card Game 2
Regnum Angelica 2
Robinson Crusoe 5
Seasons 1
Serpent's Tongue 10+ (lost count)
Shadows of Brimmstone 4
Shadows over the Empire 1
Small World
Small World Underground 1
Struggle for Rome
Suburbia 1
Tash-Kalar 4
Terra Mystica 1
The Lord of the Rings - the card game 1
Thunderstone Advanced
Tiny Epic Kingdom 2
Twilight Imperium

30/52 = 57%

Total plays = 68 + whatever I've played Serpent's Tongue - which makes almost one play every 5 days.

1) Those two didn't make it this year, so they haven't been taken into account:
Fief - France 1429
2) Also, because of personal stuff, I do not longer own following titles:
Small World
Small World Underground
3) During this year I've been working on summer camp for 2 months and played Serpent's Tongue almost exclusevly.
4) At the end of september I've moved out of my home town and haven't got acces to the most of my titles (for 4 months), so overall I think my results are acceptable.
5) Preditions - my father told that I would play 70% of my games and my brother belived it would be 90%.

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